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Traveling in a private jet is only for movie stars and the super-rich? Wrong! Every month in Eu-rope alone, more than 70,000 individual charter flights are operated. But what are the advantages of private flights on a business jet? What costs are incurred and how are they composed? Why do so many entrepreneurs and other people, who at first glance don't seem to, resort to our offers? An-swers to these and many other questions about “Private jet charter flights” will be answered below and in our F.A.Q.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet? What are the prices for DigaJet?

Renting an aircraft that flies you privately and flexibly to the most beautiful destinations in Europe is of course associated with costs. Since price transparency is often neglected in the confusing charter business, we give you an overview of the most important cost factors below. The individual costs for a charter flight with DigaJet are calculated daily by our sales experts, so that you always receive our best possible tailor-made offer. As a rule of thumb, the longer the flight distance, the larger the aircraft, the more exotic the desti-nation and the less lead time between booking and departure, the higher the cost of a charter flight. As you can see from the various influencing factors, it is important to be well advised when choosing the destination and the right aircraft type. For a general initial overview of different aircraft categories, see the following table.

How is the charter price calculated at DigaJet?

The following components are always included in our price calculation:

Positioning of the aircraft at your place of depar-ture, if the jet is not already there. There are no positioning costs for flights from the Rhineland from our home base.

Costs for fuel, maintenance and wear and tear

Crew flat rate for our pilots and flight attendants

Special luxury catering according to your individual wishes

Airport fees for landing, aircraft parking fees, fees for handling and charges to European air traffic con

Handling costs for VIP lounges and transfers

as well as all incidental flight costs

Optionale Kosten: 

On request, we can organise first-class transfer and chauffeur services worldwide

Cost of deicing the wings and subsequent cleaning

Fees for special landing rights outside the opening hours of an airport (PPR)

Why charter with DigaJet instead of buying an aircraft?

The decision to buy an aircraft must be carefully considered. In addition to the extremely high acquisition costs, it is above all the ongoing costs for maintenance, wear and crew that you have to reckon with.

Instead, it is advisable for frequent flyers to resort to charter offers at attractive special conditions in the DigaJet flight hour contingent.

How do I book my private jet with DigaJet?

The booking process at DigaJet is transparent and uncomplicated. This allows you to quickly and easily charter your desired jet in 8 steps and com-plete your flight booking stress-free.

Even though flying is often something common-place nowadays, the chartering of a private jet is always a special highlight. Renting an entire plane just for your own family or business partner is a unique way to strengthen relationships.

Select your departure and destination airport and your desired flight date in our DigaJet flight price calculator
Find a price for different types of aircraft and choose your favorite
Enter your contact details and special requests in our contact form and send it
Within a few minutes you will receive several options with specific charter offers from our team of experts
If you have any questions, let us advise you per-sonally or select your preferred offer
If all the conditions meet your exact requirements, sign the charter contract you have received from us
Afterwards, send us copies/photos of all passen-gers' passports so we can officially begin the ap-propriate flight arrangements. Please also let us know your catering and beverage preferences and other wishes
Lean back and look forward to your departure - we will take care of everything and prepare your DigaJet charter flight

Industry overview

In business aviation, a distinction must be made between the two main providers: aircraft opera-tors and private jet brokers.

The private jet broker acts as an intermediary or broker between customers and aircraft operators. The independence and access to various aircraft operators is often particularly positively empha-sized here. What sounds good on paper, however, also has significant disadvantages in reality. For example, how can such an intermediary ensure that you as a customer always enjoy the best possible service on board when they never have direct contact with customers or aircraft operators on site?

At DigaJet, as an aircraft operator with our own fleet, we guarantee optimal service! Our goal is basically to meet the highest service requirements and to ensure maximum quality. We at DigaJet want to convince our passengers with a unique service and maintain personal customer relation-ships. According to our philosophy, both sides will only benefit from the deep relationship of trust in the long term.

When booking a flight through a charter broker, there are also brokerage commissions for the service provided, which you save if you book directly through an aircraft operator. This means that when booking through an intermediary, you generally pay more than when booking directly via DigaJet.

DigaJet offers personalised offers and first-class service at competitive prices. A direct booking with DigaJet always pays off for you!

DigaJet - we as an aircraft operator

As an aircraft operator with its own fleet, DigaJet flies you as a customer or passenger to any of your desired destination reliably, safely and on time. While some market participants override the safety regulations required by law for commercial flights in order to gain a competitive advantage, we comply with these regulations beyond the legal limits. At DigaJet, we rely on technically competent advice - your safety is always our top priority. Our crews consist exclusively of conscientious and experienced pilots who have been trained at the most renowned flight schools in Germany. Our aircraft are regularly and generally serviced by qualified technicians in German-speaking coun-tries. All processes and flights are operated by DigaJet within the strict regulations of the European Aviation Security Agency and the German Aviation Office.


With DigaJet, you can rent your private jet as quickly and easily as never before. Especially in the current times when global aviation is severely limited, you can rely on DigaJet to efficiently reach your desired destination. Simply use our DigaJet flight price calculator and have a customised offer made for you.

Do you have further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to help you around the clock!

All information at a glance - our F.A.Q.

What are the prices for renting a private jet with DigaJet?
The cost of a private jet varies depending on the type of aircraft, flight duration, destination and time of your flight. Your individual charter price can now also be determined quickly and easily with our DigaJet flight price calculator .
What hygiene protection measures is DigaJet taking with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic?
In principle, of course, all DigaJet flights are con-ducted in accordance with the current Corona regulations. The safety and health of all passen-gers, crew members and airport staff have abso-lute priority. In addition to the usual cleaning measures, your entire cabin is thoroughly disin-fected before and after each flight. The crew also wears mouth-nose protection during any customer contact and is sensitive to compliance with the recommended minimum distance.
Can I take my golf / skiing equipment with me?
In the specially designed luggage area of our air-craft, you will find plenty of space for both your golf bags and winter sports equipment. This means that, if you wish, we can take you along your luggage in our jets to relaxed golf weekends as well as to active winter holidays. DigaJet also offers hunting trips.
Is there a toilet on board my private jet?
For longer stays on board, all aircraft used by DigaJet generally have a fully functional emergency toilet.
Can I charter a business jet with DigaJet for one or more days at a time?
With DigaJet you can of course also exclusively charter aircraft including 360 ° service for several days at a time. Our same-day-return options are very popular for customers who cannot yet predict when an appointment or event will end. Our crew will be waiting for you at the airport as long as you like. A quick call is all it takes and our pilots are ready to fly you home or to another appointment within 45 minutes. If you would like to stay on site spontaneously, we will flexibly postpone the return flight according to your wishes.
Are spontaneous ad hoc flights possible?
We are also happy to carry out flight orders at short notice. We are available 24 hours a day for your inquiries.
Where exactly do I have to go at the airport before departure to get to my private jet before a DigaJet flight?
As a rule, the meeting point is the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of your departure airport. In Co-logne you can find us directly in the Business Avia-tion Center Cologne (BACC). For each flight, you will receive detailed directions and relevant han-dling information on the so-called “Flight Brief”, which you will receive from us in advance by e-mail. You will also find the names and contact details of your crew and your personal contact person on your DigaJet Flight Brief. Your captain will meet you in the terminal and direct you through the security check to us on board.
How many passengers can fly on my private jet?
The maximum number of passengers varies de-pending on the arrival and departure airport, type of aircraft and flight distance as well as the volume / weight of the luggage carried. Our competent service team will provide you with detailed information on your individual flight request at any time.
What luggage regulations apply in general?
All DigaJet flights are subject to the legal require-ments for carry-on and checked luggage. You can read them at the following link: Link
What are the rules for carrying liquids on board a private jet?
On DigaJet flights, the usual rules for liquids on board apply. A maximum of 10 x 100ml containers of liquids or gels may be carried per person. Our service team will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.
How much does a flight hour with DigaJet cost?
A flight hour with DigaJet costs between € 2,000 and € 5,000 and depends on the type of aircraft, the total flight duration and the destination. Fur-ther information, e.g. how the price is composed can be found here.
Can I take my pet with me on DigaJet flights?
A definite yes! One of the great advantages of a private jet is that you can fly side by side with your pet. Whether dog, cat or mouse, every four-legged guest is welcome on board the DigaJet! We are always prepared for an animal visit and the crew will of course take care of the welfare of your pets during the flight.
Will there be catering on board DigaJet dur-ing my stay?
As a rule, we serve our passengers on all charter flights with cold dishes of first-class quality from our excellent catering partners. Of course, we are always happy to accommodate your individual catering wishes so that we can take your personal preferences into account. The on-bord bar can also be stocked according to your individual wishes. A selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages is available on board as standard.
Which destinations does DigaJet fly to?
DigaJet flies to both international airports and smaller airports. Throughout Europe, you can choose from well over 3,500 possible destinations and more than 167 destinations in Germany to get you precisely to your desired location. We can also let you fly safely to any destination in the world via our partner network.
Does DigaJet offer solutions for the imple-mentation of factory traffic?
Fast - Reliable - Efficient. We align our factory traffic solutions to these requirements and also offer our tailor-made flight services to companies that want to regularly transport personnel or freight as part of their production or work processes.
When do I have to be at the airport before a private charter flight with DigaJet?
It is usually enough to arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If your arrival at the airport or check-in is delayed, all you need to do is call DigaJet: we will postpone the flight plan and wait for you.
What identification documents are to be carried on private flights?
For international flights, as with all international travel, a valid passport is required. If you are traveling within Germany or the Schengen area, an identity card is sufficient.
Will the charter price change depending on the number of passengers?
The airfare mainly consists of the charter of the aircraft and crew. In addition, there are handling fees for each additional passenger, but these are less relevant in relation to the total costs. (about 3% of the charter price).
How much luggage can I take with me on my DigaJet charter flight?
Basically there are no restrictions on the part of DigaJet with regard to luggage limits. If you are travelling with extra heavy or bulky luggage, please contact our service department in advance.
Is smoking allowed on board?
For safety reasons, a general smoking ban applies during all DigaJet flights.

Do you have further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to ad-vise you.

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